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Interview with Franchise Owner/Manager/Head of Operations


The beginning of the branding process starts with an introductory meeting.  We’ll discuss your goals, expectations, and the general scope of the work to be completed.  We like to do this in-person whenever possible, so we can introduce you to our management staff and answer any questions you may have about our facilities and capabilities.

Products, Services and Pricing Discussion

Once we have a solid understanding of your organization’s specific goals and challenges, we can more accurately suggest specific products and services to help you achieve your goals in the most efficient manner. We’ll discuss what products and services make the most sense for you, and your budget.

Estimating Services, Deadlines and Associated Costs

At this point, we’ll confirm project specifications, deadlines, and provide a proposal, including a cost estimate. Working with your funding source, we will quote out the full aspects of outfitting your franchise or retail location with the required visual displays, etc. We can work to change and update the estimate as needed, until we come up with a finalized agreement.

Rolling it All Out

Once funding is approved, we will enter the design and production phase of the project, keeping you abreast of progress along the way. We’ll collaborate with you and each of your franchises to get your businesses up and running on time, and helping you to create a truly exceptional customer experience.

Ongoing Collaboration, Customer Service and Brand Improvement

Our service doesn’t end after the project is complete. We provide ongoing consulting, customer service, and expertise to help our customers to continually improve their brand wherever possible. Once we begin working with our customers, our goal is to develop a long-term business partnership that results in continued success for all.

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