Leverage Your Lumens

Edge Lit Acrylic

Combining the clarity of glass with the durable versatility of plastic, edge-lit acrylics are innovative tools that can help build truly next-level brand experiences. Intricately engraved patterns, logos, or images are illuminated by embedded LED strips that cast a memorable glow around your brand’s key elements.

Edge lit acrylic hallway
Edge Lit Acrylic with Etched Logo
Edge lit acrylic wall art

Thermoformed Light Boxes

3D lit logo on living wall
Internal LED lights
Internal LED lit sign mug
Close up 3D logo

Illuminated logos with high-resolution graphics are easily created with a printed formed panel. Your full color, 1200 dpi graphics are printed with durable translucent, thermo-formable ink onto plastic sheets, and formed into your choice of circular, square or rectangular panels. Combined with bright LED’s, printed formed panels are the easist way to bring detailed graphics to life with back-lit illumination.

Backlit Fabrics

Backlit Fabric Hospitality
Backlit fabric signs
Fabric Peel Back
Backlit fabric signs 4
Backlit fabric signs 3
Backlit fabric sign train

Silicone edge graphics (SEGs) are high-resolution, dye-sublimated fabric graphics finished with thin silicone strips sewn directly to the edge of the graphic. The silicone strips fit snugly into a recessed groove around the perimeter of the display, resulting in a drum-tight, seamless profile. Add stripes of embedded LED lights for a zero-glare graphic surface and you’re golden.

Double Sided Light Boxes

Double sided sign gear
Doublesided Lightboxes
Doublesided Lightbox

Light, bright, and affordable, this sleekly styled aluminum double-sided hanging light box features a laser-etched center panel for even light distribution in both directions.

As easy on the eyes as it will be on your fingers, the unit’s removable magnetic face panels allow for easy graphic installation–just mount your graphic, click the face panels back into place, and you’re done.

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