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Grand-format Murals & Flat-cut Dimensional Logos

Great things often have small beginnings. Impressed by Northeast Color’s ad materials for international exercise equipment manufacturer Cybex International, Bryan Winter, Manager of Creative Solutions, knew he’d found the right partner for a truly unique assignment: a facility-wide revamp of their manufacturing plant in Medway, MA.

At the time, Cybex supported sales offices in over 90 countries and they all needed specific collateral at specific time. I put them through the paces and Northeast Color never failed to deliver—as a customer they really took care of me. I was sold on that. It was clear they had more to offer than other vendors and that’s why they won this job. We had visitors coming from around the world every day and the only branded part of the facility was the reception desk. After that you could have been anywhere. The logo was so impressive—it actually cast a real shadow. I’ve dealt with hundreds of vendors that were completely comfortable over-pricing their services because we were a larger company and they figured we could afford it.But never with Northeast Color—we received great quality materials at a fair and consistent price and constant communication throughout the project. And that made all the difference.”

Bryan Winter, Manager of Creative Solutions at Cybex

While it excelled at producing world-class gym equipment, Cybex’s almost anonymous 120,000 sq ft manufacturing facility failed to communicate the kinetic energy inherent in the brand, its products, and the people that used them.

“We had visitors coming from around the world every day and the only branded part of the facility was the reception desk,” says Bryan. “After that you could have been anywhere.”

To engage the visitor and connect the place with its purpose, Bryan put the brand’s true product front and center with a series of over-sized murals showcasing athletes leaping, sprinting, and lifting–their flawless physiques all courtesy of Cybex, of course. Clocking in at nearly 7 feet tall and running the entire length of Cybex’s manufacturing corridor, the 4mil vinyl murals tied the company’s dynamic messaging into the function of the space itself, giving visitors a memorable view into the heart of the company’s excellence. Meanwhile, Cybex’s reception area was upgraded with a dazzling new 3D logo consisting of seven 2’’ thick letters routed from high-density polyurethane sign foam and mounted on 1” thick PVC panels.

“The logo was so impressive–it actually cast a real shadow,” said Bryan.

Throughout the entire process, Northeast Color worked with Bryan and his team to ensure that each solution fit their needs and timeline–from design and materials to execution and installation.


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