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From behind-the-counter installs to eye-popping video walls, our customizable cloud-based digital signage platform will keep your Club on message, while directing members to targeted products, events, and promotions.

Digital Signage by the Numbers

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of adults have seen a digital sign display within the last 30 days.*
0 %
of those adults then subsequently went on to make an unplanned purchase.*
0 %
audience retention rate increase with dynamic content.*
0 %
of human communication is visual.**
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times faster than static text is the speed at which your brain processes picture & video.**

*source: saturnvisual.com | **source: wishpond.com

Easy Installation

Each pfHD media player arrives fully loaded and ready to rumble—just plug the player into your monitor and we’ll take it from there.


Easy Installation

Dedicated Support Staff

Each display is fully managed in-house by the dedicated Northeast Color team—there’s no software to learn, no licensing to renew, or design skills to polish.

Dedicated Support Staff

In-House Media Production Team

All of your digital media content is created in-house from the ground up, then refined to suit your needs. Our team’s dedication and direct knowledge of your brand helps us develop the kind of legacy assets that will serve your business for the long haul without missing a step. From branding, to graphic design, photo, video, animation, and copy creation, our Creative Team will produce all of your on-screen digital content.



Capitalize on the human eye’s natural attraction to motion with animated graphics and text—your guest’s attention is waiting to be captured!


Forever Fresh

We keep the content current and creative with an ever-expanding library of clips—ensuring that your Club’s messaging is on-point and ahead of whatever curve is coming your way.

Forever Fresh Content

pfHD Media Gallery

From Planet Fitness’ corporate playlists to site-specific class schedules, our customizable clips will keep your Planet spinning in the right direction.

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