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Look through our pfHD Frequently Asked Questions or submit a service ticket.  It is our goal to respond immediately, during business hours.

How do I set up my pfHD player?

Click Here to view the pfHD Media Player installation guide.

Why isn't my player isn't showing up on my screen?

If your player isn’t being recognized by your screen, try the other available HDMI ports.  Newer screens sometimes configure the 1st and/or 2nd HDMI ports for much higher resolution devices.

Why is my screen frozen?

On the rare occasion that your player freezes, disconnect the power cable (Mini-USB), count 5 seconds and reconnect.

How do I request new content?

Contact your Planet Fitness Account Manager or call 603-436-8210 to set up a new content order.

What is a monthly refresh?

Update (add or replace) content with up to 6 pre-approved, final assets or clips.  This includes organization and scheduling.

How do I flip my screen? It's upside down.

Submit a service ticket and our support team will contact you during normal business hours.

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