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In 1998, Chris Rondeau visited Northeast Color’s Portsmouth, NH shop to outfit his burgeoning franchise, Planet Fitness. 19 years and 1,400 clubs later our partnership has come to define and inform the work we do – encompassing everything from interior design and brand management to digital signage and product development.

By 2016, the company’s staggering success had put a pinch on their 20,000 sq ft corporate headquarters in Newington, NH – no matter how cleverly they repurposed every inch, it was clear they needed to move house.

Within a four year period we went from 40 employees to almost 200 - people were doubling up, tripling up. It was very hodge-podge; we had a couple different renovations and add-ons, but there was no flow. Our vision was to totally ‘Planet-ize’ it - every element, every color, every carpet square - we wanted to make it our own. It had to be a fun place to work and it wouldn’t look right without Northeast Color to do that level of branding for us. Without Northeast Color this would have been just a typical office building. They helped make it ours.

- Caitlin Holmes, Director of Events and Facilities at Planet Fitness

The new campus’ 5,000 sqft employee gym covered all of Northeast Color’s signature products—custom-branded wall covering, direct print signage and digital signage platforms—but the challenge was to translate that same energy and verve into an office environment.

Luckily their new digs—a 70,000 sqft office building in Hampton, NH – demanded a full-scale renovation, granting them an opportunity to spread their wings and create a campus that reflected both their success and their culture. Also, in collaboration with Planet Fitness’ Vice President of Information Technology Stephan Dalgar, Northeast Color also leveled-up their plug-and-play digital platform pfHD for the campus’ cafeteria—expanding the typical single landscape screen to and eye-popping video wall of three vertical screens.

Planet Fitness pfxHD

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